[WTS] Top Coins at Great Prices – Casascius, bhcoin, Ravenbit & more

Hello All,

I’m looking to sell the following coins for a fair price, several of them are very low mintage with premium numbers. They will be shipped from Europe with tracking and at cost price. Offers are welcome.

The only bitcoin address you should send payment to is:

2013 Casascius 0.5 BTC Brass Coin – 0.69 BTC

2013 bhcoin 0.1 BTC Coin – 0.16 BTC
Number #0300

Green Label Brass Ravenbit – 0.04 BTC
1 out of 30 made

Yellow Label Brass Ravenbit – 0.06 BTC
1 out of18 made

2015 Bitcoin Pennies – 0.01 BTC each
Buy two get one free.

Luckybit Rose Gold Coin #50 – 0.02 BTC

Crypto Imperator 10,000 DOGE coin – 0.01 BTC
3 available

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